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Here are some of our new products that we recently launched at The North West Audio Show.
On the wall is a solid Oak and Mahogany 2DQRD diffuser at £1,800, either side is a combination absorber/diffraction wall panel  which has a double layer of sheeps wool insulation so can be fine tuned to deal with different frequencies, they also come with 1" rear stand offs to create an air gap to improve performance in the bass region at £649, on the floor we have the X-rack which is fully adjustable with fittings for isolators made from solid Oak at £1,200 (larger and smaller ones available) on the other side of the amplifier is a live edge rack made from solid Ash with sand filled copper legs at £1,500, the X2 and X3 speakers now have X-stands at £250, on the far right and close left is a combination diffuser and CD rack at £649 and last but not least we have two types of cable risers at £10 each.
We will be updating the shop with more information in the near future, if you want to place an order please email us.

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