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Multi purpose acoustic panel with 2no 40mm layers of sheeps wool insulation to absorb sound reflections, one layer can be removed to change the effective frequency range, they also come with rear 25mm stand offs to create an air gap to improve performance in the lower frequencies.

A single layer with no air gap will deal will only absorb high frequencies, a double layer will absorb highs and mids and a double layer with 25mm air gap will absorb highs, mids and upper bass, lower bass can be absorbed with a 50mm+ air gap, deeper panels are available on request.

The front diffraction panel is interchangable or can be removed for absorbtion only, new panels are on the way soon!

Made from solid Oak with Oak veneered front panel

Panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Size - 1200mm x 620mm x 90mm

Acoustic wall panel

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